• Could Electricity Help Reduce Your Back Pain?

    While back pain remains one of the most common forms of pain Americans experience, new treatments for the pain only emerge every so often. Doctors have been experimenting with medical uses for direct electrical stimulation of nerves and muscle tissue for decades. While electrical stimulation as a treatment for back pain was once only available at a doctor's office, now pain sufferers can find many home units for self-directed treatment. Before you give one a try, learn a little bit about the general concepts behind the treatment.
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  • 3 Natural Chiropractic Remedies For Whiplash Pain

    If you have ever sustained a whiplash neck injury as a result of a car accident, then you know how violent the whipping back and forth motions can be. If your are seeking alternatives to prescription pain medications to relieve your discomfort, then consider the expertise of an auto accident chiropractor services professional. Chiropractic care not only refers to spinal manipulation, but also to natural remedies that can help treat the entire body holistically.
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  • 5 Myths About Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

    After a car accident, you may need car accident injury treatment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about the injuries you may face after a car accident, and those myths sometimes stop people from getting the treatment they need. To help you move in the right direction, here's a look at some of the most pervasive motor vehicle accident injury myths and the truth behind them. 1. Myth: Injuries From Car Accidents Show Up Right Away
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