3 Alternative Treatment Options for Chronic Back Pain Relief

Posted on: 29 August 2016


Looking for ways to treat your chronic back pain without the use of medications or surgery? Here are three fantastic options to consider:


Also known as structural integration, rolfing is a holistic treatment that incorporates deep tissue manipulation to improve posture and reduce chronic pain in the back and other areas of the body. By focusing on the fascia, or sheet of connective tissues underneath the skin, a professional can use rolfing to help you:

  • Relieve stress
  • Boost energy
  • Improve breathing
  • Increase mobility

All of these things help to reduce pressure on the spine and will likely minimize the onset of back pain overall. It's important to schedule your rolfing sessions with an expert who has direct experience with the process to ensure that your treatments are administered properly and to avoid complications.

Restorative Yoga

While most chronic back pain is the result of an injury or ailment of some kind, the pain can be sustained due to how our thoughts, emotions, and frame of mind are effected by the trauma. Because chronic back pain is thought to be a mind-body experience, practicing restorative yoga on a regular basis can help you unlearn the pain through relaxation and various breathing techniques.

Start your regimen by joining a yoga class in your community to learn how to perform your poses effectively. You can then use DVDs and books in the comfort of your own home and create a personal daily routine.

Mindful Meditation

Practicing mindful meditation can greatly reduce your perception of chronic back pain both during and after your sessions. In fact, meditation is more often than not more effective than opioids and other types of pain medications when it comes to relieving back pain. Not only does meditation encourage proper posture and improve breathing, but it helps you get in touch with your pain so you can observe it and work through it as opposed to try and ignore it, which rarely offers any positive effects or benefits.

Start by sitting down to meditate for just five minutes a day and work your way up to 20 minute sessions if possible. Use instructional CDs for inspiration and to help yourself stay on track until you get used to clearing your mind and focusing on pain management.

These alternative back pain treatments should be easy to implement and are sure to provide you with lasting relief that you can appreciate for many years to come.