Three Treatments For The Pain From Your Whiplash Injury

Posted on: 31 August 2016


If you have been in an accident that caused a whiplash injury, the chances are you have pain. A doctor may prescribe pain medications or simply recommend over-the-counter pain medication and perhaps tell you to apply ice several times a day until your neck heals. However, for many people, the pain never completely goes away. If you are having recurring neck pain from a recent or past whiplash injury, there are a few alternative treatments that may bring you relief.

Massage therapy

Some of the pain that comes from whiplash may be due to neck muscles that have tightened during the accident. They are often strained along with the ligaments that attach to your spine. A deep massage can loosen and relax these muscles. This will bring both relief from pain and promote healing in your neck. Of course, knowing exactly where your problem is occurring is part of the skill of a good massage therapist, so you should choose someone with technical knowledge of the neck. You may find that your pain is greatly reduced by a series of treatments.


To be fair, not everybody believes in acupuncture, but it is true that many people have found it provides relief for many medical issues, including pain. Without going into details about the concept behind acupuncture, in practice, it works in a similar manner to a massage. The small needles are placed in strategic areas of your body that work to relax your muscles. The result is a reduction in pain, as it aids the body in its healing process. If you have never had acupuncture done before and are afraid of needles, do not be concerned. These needles are very thin and do not enter the skin deeply.

Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractors are well known for their ability to help those with pain due to spinal issues, but you can also see a chiropractor for whiplash. Whether the pain is from the muscles, the vertebrae or a combination, chiropractors will attempt to realign your spine. This reduces pain and will also speed the healing process. A chiropractor will first x-ray your neck and spine to get an exact understanding of what your vertebrae look like. If there is a need for a minor adjustment, the chiropractor will explain exactly what needs to be done and how it will be done. The process is quick and painless, but the effect on your neck will be a reduction in pain.

For many people, the pain from whiplash will dissipate over time as the neck heals, but the treatments above can bring pain relief and speed the healing process. For those with long-term, chronic neck pain, these treatments may reduce pain in your daily life.