3 Ways To Handle A Colicky Baby

Posted on: 19 September 2016


Is your baby colicky? Things may have been going well for the first few months when suddenly your little one started spending more time being fussy and crying than anything else. If you have tried different things and yet he or she continuously cries for hours on end each day, your child could very well suffer from colic. Although the cause of colic is a bit of mystery, there are some things you can try to do as a way of soothing your little one and finally getting some rest for yourself, too.

1. Gentle Rocking/Swinging Movements

Some babies are comforted by slight swinging or rocking sensations. When you are holding your little one in your arms, consider gently pressing him or her onto your chest while seated in a rocking chair so that you can do those rocking movements back and forth. The sound of your heartbeat and the motion of rocking back and forth may help to calm your baby down. There are also infant swings available that may help to soothe your child. Some of these swings come with features that will allow you to adjust the speed settings and play music or nature sounds as white noise in the background.

2. Chiropractic Services

You may have thought chiropractic services were only ideal for adults, but babies can benefit from them as well. If the spine is misaligned, which can occur in babies just as often as it occurs in adults and children, babies may suffer from gastrointestinal issues. As a result, they could be gassy, causing them to become even fussier than usual. The chiropractor could perform a gentle adjustment to ensure the spine is aligned correctly. It is important to only allow a licensed and experienced chiropractor to complete an adjustment because he or she will need to carefully apply some force to the spinal area.

The benefits of taking an infant to the chiropractor for an adjustment are tremendous. You may start to notice a few different changes. For example, your baby may no longer be nearly as fussy as he or she was before the adjustment. The whole process may prevent your child from experiencing the discomfort of gas and acid reflux.

3. Swaddle the Baby

Your little one felt snug and warm inside of your stomach, but he or she may no longer feel that way in such a big world. One way to recreate that feeling your baby experienced inside the womb is to use a swaddle blanket. Wrap the swaddle blanket directly over your little one from the neck down, making sure the hands and feet are carefully tucked inside of the blanket.

If you notice the blanket continuously opens up throughout the night, you may want to consider buying a swaddle sack. The swaddle sack makes it even easier to wrap your baby up and ensure he or she feels comfortable throughout the night.

If you have a colicky baby, you may be feeling stressed out and hopeless. However, you do have some options. Consider rocking, swaddling and even taking your infant to see a chiropractor for an adjustment.