Addressing A Few Common Acupuncture Concerns

Posted on: 23 September 2016


Acupuncture is an ancient approach to treating a variety of conditions that individuals may develop. However, these treatments are often misunderstood by those that could benefit from them. When this is the case, you may want to learn the answers to a few common acupuncture questions and concerns so that you can evaluate if these sessions will be the right solution for your current needs.

Is Acupuncture Painful?

Many individuals may be hesitant about opting for acupuncture treatments due to fears about this procedure being painful. This is an easy concern to understand as acupuncture will entail the use of numerous needles. However, it should be noted an experienced acupuncturist is trained in how to perform this procedure while causing minimal discomfort. In fact, many patients will feel little more than a sense of pressure when the needles are used.

How Long Will It Take To See Results From These Treatments?

When you are facing chronic pain, stress or other problems, it can be easy to want to see results as quickly as possible. Fortunately, those that undergo acupuncture therapy will likely see noticeable benefits after the first couple of sessions. However, these improvements will often be temporary, and they will fade. Permanent results from this therapy can take several weeks or longer to achieve. As a result, if you are considering undergoing acupuncture therapy, you should plan on attending these sessions for at least several weeks.

Will Your Insurance Cover These Treatments?

Some individuals may be concerned about the costs of paying for acupuncture therapy. Unfortunately, it should be noted that this procedure is not covered under most insurance policies. However, there are many acupuncturists that will work with financially limited clients to create a therapy plan that works for their health and financial needs. The exact details and offerings of these payment plans can vary from one acupuncture provider to another, and you will want to consult with several professionals to find one that can work with your financial situation.

Acupuncture can be a highly effective treatment for a host of problems that individuals may experience. Unfortunately, this is a treatment approach that is routinely misunderstood by patients. When you are making the choice about whether or not to undergo this treatment, you will need to understand that acupuncture is not a painful treatment to undergo, that it can take several sessions to see permanent results, and that your insurance is unlikely to cover this treatment. By being aware of these factors, it will be easier to understand how this type of care can benefit your well-being.