Three Types Of Patients And How They Benefit From Chiropractic Services

Posted on: 27 September 2016


Chiropractors are health care professionals that specialize in treating ailments to the skeleton and the various joints as well as the neuromuscular system. Much of this is accomplished by the manual manipulation of the body, often focusing on the spine. Chiropractors also use hot and cold therapies and advise patients of exercises that can improve their situations. Below are three types of patients and how they may benefit from chiropractic services.

Alternative Therapy for Migraine Suffers

Migraines could be called headaches on steroids. Doctors still aren't sure what causes them, making migraines also one of the most difficult ailments to treat. The Migraine Research Foundation ranks this headache as the third most common ailment and the sixth most disabling medical issue world-wide. Spinal manipulation has proven effective. In one study comparing the drug Elavil to spinal manipulation, both had an equal effect on migraines. Patients were able to avoid any side effects from the Elavil, which is taken daily.  Another study kept track of a group of patients that all had chiropractic treatment. Of the group, 22 percent noted that the frequency of their migraines reduced by 90 percent, while 49 percent found the migraines were less intense.

Increases Mobility for Senior Citizens

As people get older, they tend to be more susceptible to decreased mobility, sometimes leading to a loss in independence. Arthritis and chronic aches and pains are often the most common culprits. Treatments at a chiropractic office can help seniors increase their range of movement and it inhibits the degeneration of their joints, particularly in the knees. Going out and working in the garden becomes a pleasant experience once again, without constant, nagging pains. Spinal alignment, which helps put all the skeletal pieces back in their correct spaces, typically helps reduce stress. As seniors increase their movements, their balance and muscle coordination improves. All of this leads to independent living, which is one of the biggest psychological boosts in a senior's life.

Reduces Risk of Injury for Bicycle Riders

Whether it's just the occasional recreational ride, or training for a marathon, bicycle riders also benefit from chiropractic care. Just as with the seniors, who might also be cyclists, chiropractic manipulation improves flexibility, balance and range of motion. As your body becomes toned, you reduce the chance of injuries and muscle strain. If you do happen to get hurt, then chiropractors can also help reduce pain and even speed healing in various muscle and ligament injuries.